Entrevue avec TinaVonRotter 24 Février 2013

I am very excited, because this week, I had the chance to ask a few questions to the Tomb Raider Queen Tina von Rotter. She gladly accepted my invitation and took the time to answer all my questions :) She even sent in a little drawing of her and Rout... Ruthli! For those who don't know who she is, she's a YouTuber who specialize in LPs. She is mostly know for her Tomb Raider LPs but she also do other games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. With her joyful personality, she helped me to get through Tomb Raider 3 & 4 and to appreciate the series which is now one of my favorites. I invite you to check out her channel at TinaVonRotterGames and maybe get hooked on Tomb Raider too!

A few questions about you...


QG: It's probably a terrible first question to ask a lady, but how old are you -- like approximately ? :)

Tina: It is not a terrible question at all, don't worry. My age is even displayed on my Youtube channel (I think, at least). I am 24.


QG: Where do you live and what language(s) do you speak?

Tina: I live in the east of Switzerland, pretty much at the border to Austria. I speak several languages. First of all my native language which is Swiss-German. But I also speak German, French and as you all know English.

QG: Can you tell us a few words in french? I know you are not bad at all. Something else than "crème au chocolat" this time? :)

Tina: I used to very good and fluent with French but I haven't used it for several years unfortunately and forgot so much of it :( J'ai appris Français à l'école primaire et à collège. Mais j'ai oublié beaucoup des mots ... haha, that's all I can manage to say right now. French, c'est le pipi du chat ;)

QG: When you don't play video games, what are you doing in your life?

Tina: I do a lot of things. Right now I am in London, spending 3 months in a host family and going to school. London is such an amazing city and there is tons of things to do. Shopping, going to pubs, cinema, concerts etc. But when I am not out and about I really enjoy drawing comics, reading a good book or writing my own stories (currently I am working on a Resident Evil Fanfiction one called "Crimson and Amber", you can find it here if you're interested: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8591479/1/Crimson-and-Amber). Yay, self-advertisement for the win!

QG: Tell us how you met your wonderful husband Routly?

Tina: Actually it is spelled "Ruthli". And it is a 'her', so she is my wife. Oh, it is a wonderful story to tell ;) We met 16 years ago (I was 9). I was running around in one of my mum's friend's house and when I ducked under a table I saw this lovely cat sitting on the chair. Actually, I almost bumped into her with my head and she stared at me with big eyes. Back then she was a few weeks old and it was love at first sight haha. I took her home with me and I have her since then. She is 16 now but still very healthy and I am positive that she'll become very old. I love her so much and I can't imagine a life without her anymore!

QG: What was your first contact with the Tomb Raider franchise?

Tina: It was in my childhood when I first got to know about the Tomb Raider series. My dad has bought a Playstation 1 and I always sat next to him when he played Tomb Raider 1. It scared me so much back then. Especially the pit with the bear in it in the first level. It took a few years until I dared to take the controller into my hands and play the game myself.

QG: You once said that Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was your favorite Tomb Raider game, is it still your favorite now?

Tina: Yes, that is still the case. I am very interested and fascinated by the Egyptian culture and history and therefore I really enjoy travelling with Lara through the pyramids and tombs. I think Core Design has done a great job when it comes to level design. They're all beautiful!

QG: Which TR game have you played the most?

Tina: That's hard to say ... I think it is Tomb Raider 1. I have beaten it several times already which is not the case with the other ones.

QG: How do you fell about being associated with Tomb Raider so much?

Tina: When I started Let's Playing I would have never expected to get so much attention when it comes to Tomb Raider. I feel very elated about that of course! Although, I would have never earned that status without my subscribers. I'd like to thank them for their enduring support and that they have brought me to where I am now.



About Tomb Raider 1 to 5...

QG: What is your favorite level in each game?

Tomb Raider 1: St. Francis Folly

Tomb Raider 2: Floating Islands

Tomb Raider 3: Madubu Gorge

Tomb Raider 4: Desert Railroad

Tomb Raider 5: Sinking Submarine or The Old Mill


QG: And what is your favorite level of all games?

Tina: St Francis Folly



QG: What do you think is the most beautiful or impressive level from the old games?

Tina: That's hard to choose ... there are so many sceneries that have stayed in my mind. One that is the most impressive and beautiful is Madubu Gorge.



QG: What is your favorite vehicle?

Tina: Definitely not the UPV! People who have seen my "Lud's Gate" walkthrough will understand why. I really enjoyed riding the jeep in Tomb Raider 4.



QG: What is your most hated part/moment from the old Tomb Raider games?

Tina: Oh, that is a difficult question. I have countless moments in Tomb Raider that I despised a lot. I think every game has several moments in it that make you want to throw the controller against the wall. Something that really made me rage for example is the rope swinging section in the "Catacombs" level in Tomb Raider 4. You have to grab two ropes in order to get to the other side of the room. The tricky thing is not grabbing the first rope but to be able to get over to the second one. No matter how accurately you aim Lara she NEVER grabs the other rope! I can't even count how many hours I've spent trying to master this bit.



QG: What is your favorite cover art from Tomb Raider 1 to 5, including the US ones?

Tina: I don't really have a favorite cover, at least not from Tomb Raider 1 to 5. The designs back then were pretty simple and not that special in my opinion. I like the newer ones better. A cover that I find amazing is the one from "Underworld".



About your LPs...


QG: What was the hardest Tomb Raider level to LP?

Tina: I'm kind of between Madubu Gorge, Lud's Gate and Lost City of Tinnos. All Tomb Raider 3 levels.

QG: Have you ever raged to the point of quitting a recording? If yes, what game/stage was it?

Tina: Haha, of course I have. The shooting range in "Red Alert" in Tomb Raider Chronicles for example. It put me off recording for several weeks.

QG: Have you ever cut-out or edit some swearing because you thought it was a little too much?

Tina: I receive a lot of complaints about me burping or swearing in my Let's Plays. But I have never had the urge to cut such bits out. They belong to me and if somebody doesn't like my style of commenting/behaviour they simply don't have to watch.

QG: What is your proudest LPing achievement/moment?

Tina: When I was finally able to beat Tomb Raider 3!

QG: How come each time you burp you are sorry, and then you do it again? You were not so sorry aren't you?

Tina: No, like I said before. I am not too bothered about it. Also when other Let's Players do it. I mainly apologise, because the etiquette askes for it.

QG: What compliment and complaint do you get the most from your viewers?

Tina: I receive a lot of compliments and positive feedback, because I communicate with Lara. Everybody loves to hear that! The complaints are mainly about burping. This only covers a small part of the variety of comments I receive.

QG: How come Lara's voice sound so different than the one in the game when she talks to you?

Tina: Well, when she talks to me, she lets out her real personality. When she talks to others or has the feeling to give an educational introduction to something she is trying to be all "posh" and "impressive" in front of you guys. But I have achieved to dig out her true self!

QG: How can I make Lara talk to me?

Tina: Oh, that's pretty simple. You have to make a stupid remark, pronounce something wrong or insult her. Her response will follow!

QG: What is the best thing that happened to you since you started doing LPs?

Tina: That I got to know so many other great Let's Players that even became very close friends. I'm very thankful for that!

QG: Do you have any bad experiences since you started your channel? Like a crazy fan, hateful or hurtful comment, or something that really bothered you?

Tina: I had it all. Stalkers, mean and disrespectful comments, insults ... the list is long. But I think it is something I have to learn to deal with. Such people will always be present on the internet and therefore I have learned to not bother too much about such things. I try to focus on the good people and the great and encouraging feedback they leave. That is what keeps me going!


A few closing questions...


QG: Do you prefer the Core Design Lara or the Crystal Dynamics Lara?

Tina: I prefer Core Design Lara. My favourite one is the design from Tomb Raider 4 and 5.


QG: Do you prefer the controls in the old games (tank controls) or the newer ones (semi automatic-Lara)?

Tina: As unbelievable as it may sound to many gamers, but I prefer the tank controls. I am just a lot better at such games! That also includes the old Silent Hill and Resident Evil games. I'm not really made for that semi-automatic steering. I tend to fail more often. It's like Lara is even less under my control with her random ledge grabbing!

QG: What are your feelings towards the new Tomb Raider reboot in 2013? Do you like the new Lara, and do you plan to buy the game?

Tina: I have been asked this countless times already and to make it clear: I am not going to buy the new Tomb Raider nor do I like the new Lara! It is just not Tomb Raider for me anymore. I grew up with classic Lara and this is what Tomb Raider will always be about for me! They are just releasing the reboot and put the name "Tomb Raider" on it it to make money. Unfortunately, it is the same with a lot of gaming series nowadays. Silent Hill, Resident Evil ... they are all going downhills. What originally made them so good and special is all gone. They all become similar and all that matters is graphics and not good gameplay and good riddles anymore. I'm very sad about that and I will no longer support these franchises new releases. Including "Tomb Raider".

QG: Do you have any plan to LP the PC expansions Unfinished Business, Golden Mask or Lost Artifact ? (the last one is amazing, I'm sure you'd like it).

Tina: I don't game on my PC, but I have received several requests to LP those expansions. I'm sure I'll do at some point!

QG: What do you think are your best and worst LPs so far?

Tina: The one that I am proud of the most is definitely Tomb Raider 3. It might not have been my best gameplay, but I'm so proud that I have beaten it. My worst one is probably Resident Evil 4 or Assignment Ada. Myself, I enjoy these games, but I have noticed that not a lot of my subscribers don't seem to enjoy seeing me playing these kind of games, which is a pity.

QG: Who would win in a fight between Lara Croft and Leon Kennedy?

Tina: That's a tough question. But I suppose Lara Croft would make the game. She is a lot more bad ass and knows what she wants, whereas Leon lets himself get distracted too easily by the ladies.

QG: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions! Say hi to Lara for me!

Tina: You're more than welcome. It was a pleasure for me to reply all the questions :) Lara doesn't talk to me at the moment ... she is mad that I am abandoning her for three months. I'll give her your regards as soon as I am back.


Par: Bryan Lajoie (24 Février 2013)